Celebrity guest stars on ‘Sesame Street’

Celebrity guest stars on ‘Sesame Street’ : Nicole Kidman – Nicole Kidman talks with Oscar the Grouch about the word “stubborn” in a “Sesame Street” skit.

Oprah Winfrey – In a “Sesame Street” episode, Oprah Winfrey impersonates a cartoon letter “O” in an attempt to make fun of herself.

Sia – The singer sings along with some of the “Sesame Street” characters. “S is for song with Sia” is the name of the song.

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Mark Ruffalo: The actor co-stars with Murray in a “Sesame Street” skit in which they animatedly debate the definition of “empathy.”

Alicia Keys: The artist performs a significantly modified version of her hit song “Fallin” in a spoof on “Sisame Street” with Elmo.

Sarah Jessica Parker, also known as SJP, joined Elmo on “Sesame Street” to discuss the term “pair” in great detail. They study paired objects, such as ice skates, in various combinations.

Blake Lively – The actress made an appearance on “Sesame Street” to share recollections of the programme and to wish it a “Happy Anniversary” for its 50th year.

Mila Kunis has made several “Sesame Street” skits appearances.

David Beckham, a retired soccer player, visited “Sesame Street” to talk with Elmo about what the word “persistent” means.

In a 2012 episode of “Sesame Street,” actor and host Mario Lopez spreads a word that the Cookie Monster has changed into the Veggie Monster.

Natalie Portman: The actress plays “Princess and Elephant” with Elmo in a “Sesame Street” skit.

Ellen DeGeneres: The comedian has both visited and appeared on “Sesame Street”! Oscar the Grouch did in fact make an appearance on her talk show.

Claire Danes: The actress joins Cookie Monster and Elmo on “Sesame Street” for a serious discussion about schematics. The cookie monster, however, has other plans!

The ‘Sesame Street’ characters and Bruno Mars sang the song ‘Don’t Give Up’ together. On YouTube, the sketch has received over 100 million views.



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