Top 9 Most Valuable Soccer Teams in the World

Top 9 Most Valuable Soccer Teams in the World : Here are we going to discusss some of the most powerfull/valuable soccer teams in the world.

Real Madrid: sometimes just call real, is nearly the most expensive soccer team in the entrie world valued at $4.75 billion.

Chelsea: The Chelsea football club was found in Fulham in West London in 1905. The complete in England football’s Premier League.

Top 9 Most Valuable Soccer Teams
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Paris Saint-Germain: is only team on this list from France. However their contribution to the soccer World is nothing to sneeze at, with Paris.

Arsenal is one of the English top teams, also known as “The Gunners” They were founded in 1886, making them one of those classic teams.

Manchester City: The Manchester City Football club is a 142 years old soccer team that plays out of them the City of Manchester Stadium in Manchester England.

Manchester United: is nicknamed the “Red Devils” for their incredible performance. It was founded back in 1878 as Newton health LYR, making them.

Liverpool: the next team on our list, Liverpool FC is England’s most successful football club, competing in the Premier League.

Bayern Munich: is the last time a non-Spanish team will be on this list. They were founded by 11 football players in 1900, the most famous.

Barcelona: This football club out of Spain competes in the major leagues of Spanish soccer at La Liga. It was founded back in 1899 by a multinational group.

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