Why Chicago Bears lose to the Dallas Cowboys 49-29?

Why Chicago Bears lose to the Dallas Cowboys 49-29? In Sunday’s 49-29 victory over the Chicago Bears, the Dallas Cowboys had no trouble playing without Ezekiel Elliott.

In lieu of the injured Elliott, backup running back Tony Pollard celebrated his debut, and the Cowboys offence was as open and dynamic as it has been all season. Quarterback Dak Prescott also put on a season-best performance.

Dallas Cowboys vs Chicago Bears

The same cannot be said for the Cowboys defence, which had been outstanding all season but suffered a 240-yard pounding on the run and gave up four touchdowns.

With their second straight victory and a 6-2 record at the half, the Cowboys are going into next week’s bye week on a run after answering the key questions about their offence emphatically. On 14, which tied his career high, Pollard carried the ball 14 times for 131 yards and three touchdowns.

Prescott sprinted for a touchdown, scored on the pass, and completed 250 yards of passing. For the first time this season, the Cowboys scored more than 30 points, setting a season high. And for the first time since 2014, the Cowboys squad scored touchdowns on each of their opening four offensive attempts.